All video content that you can watch on the MundoGoal website is provided by and hosted on third party servers and discovered through the help of our fully automated search engine.

We do not host, upload, store or index videos in our servers. When you click on the play button icon in order to watch a video, the content is served and hosted by a third party website (you can see the location of where the video is actually hosted by looking at the information displayed on the player) which makes the content publicly available to anyone on the Internet. On the MundoGoal we only publish links, which are automatically removed if the content is removed by the third party website actually hosting the video.

Furthermore, we do not in any way control content found on third party hosted websites and we therefore cannot be held responsible for any content on these websites.

If you are a holder of intellectual property rights, the most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek removal of any content that you consider infringe upon your rights directly from the host that is responsible for the content. This in turn, will make the content in question non-searchable for our search engine meaning that our search engine may not provide links to the content in question that is hosted on third party websites.

However, please be advised that you will need to know the original location of the video in question on the third party hosted website in order to be successful with your request for removal of content. We can of course assist you with providing the original location of the video that you seek to remove if you send us an e-mail with the title or the URL of the video on the third party hosted website.